Fix Group Messages for Android


One of the biggest headaches of being of Android user is the group messaging that iPhone users enjoy. All of my friends have iPhones, so they naturally like to group message each other and include me. However, the iPhone group message is a special type of data package that can’t just be replied due via standard SMS. When you try to do that, a text message just goes to the sender of the group message which prevents you from joining in on the fun. Some of the 3rd party SMS apps appear to be able to add to the group message, but then you find out that it’s just sending individual text messages to each of the participants and not adding to the group message as a whole. This can be frustrating and embarrassing as your friends suggest that you only sent the reply to them as an individual.

The solution I finally found is Go SMS Pro. They have a pro version if you want to pay, but the free one works fine if you don’t mind ads. I can finally group message with my iPhone friends!

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