How to Increase Adsense Income

Google Adsense is the most easy way to generate ad revenue from your blog. But if it should be well utilized and manged. Here are some tips How to Increase Adsense Income:
How to Increase Adsense Income
Mentioned here are the simple ways to increase your Adsense Revenue:
1. Place banner on top
Always remember that the first impressions is the best impressions, so its important that you have banner near the top of the page. Now if the visitors have to scroll and see the content, the Adsense banner would be right before their screen and atleast visitors will have a look. Now you have to set accordingly your site since it shouldn’t be just Made for Adsense site, its should have some professional look too, so on the homepage remove Adsense codes and when coming to single page make sure that you have Adsense code on the top, just right at where the post starts.

2. Make sure your Adsense is matching with your blog
Its very important that you take your own time to develop Adsense banner which would perfectly match your website and make the code look blending with your site design. Now if the users who visits your sites are more known to click on your advertisements if they don’t know it’s an ad. This is a small trick but it does work and for the first time you implement it wont look attractive but this will surely work for you. This also makes your site look professional without the intention that its just made for Adsense. Dark colors and fashionable colors can ruin the looks of your blog.

3. Use your content
Now if your Adsense codes are placed on the spot where people are paying attention, implement ads there. This will make advertisements look like part of your original content and makes it much more natural for readers. Generally a long content or explanation on something makes readers to read and thus increases the chances of clicking the ads on your blog.

4. Keyword Focused Content
Google Adwords and Google Adsense both works parallel on the basis of keywords. If you are writing a keywords focused content then you not only get organic traffic buts its very simple and easy for the Google Adsense to display keyword related ads on your blog or else Google need to guess for the keyword and may place nearest possible matching keywords. Moreover the readers on your blog are for specific content and serving ads with other keywords will n’t server any purpose to them whereas Adsense Ads with specific keywords will have a hope that users will see it, may click on it.

5. Get the Traffic
There is no purpose in optimizing if you don’t have enough traffic. Optimization is important when you have traffic. The more traffic your blog has the more Adsense revenue you will generate. But this is one of the most question asked by many apart from the one which is discussed here. Building content and bring the traffic needs hard work to put a great content on your blog.

6. Use Adsense Custom Channels
Its important for you to know which blog is performing at what pace. Google allows you to create up to 200 custom channels so that you can set it with each banner that you create on your blog and know which one is working at what pace. By this way you can short out which are non earning channels and optimize them through trial and error. Custom channels are right place to know whether how much is the performance if your Ad block.

7. Create Different Types of Banner
If you have different types of blog section then there is a room for different types of ads placement. You can experiment with each one and see which converts to best results. Don’t be in myth that only text ads works fine for all blogs but its the combination of both text and images ads which works good.

8. Experimenting
One of the good thing which I found is that keep on experimenting with Adsense, this will make you more understand with Adsense and will judge right stuff for your blog. Though you may lose time and a little less money but important is you will be on a right track. So keep experimenting until you have right revenue from your blog.

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