How to Increase Google Adsense CTR

The simple way to earn money with Google Adsense is to learn how to get clicks of valuable visitors. Here are some of the tips How to Increase Google Adsense CTR.
How to Increase Google Adsense CTR
1. Remove Other Service Ads
First of all to make sure that you get a high CTR and earning per click is to make sure that your blog/site doesn’t display public service ads which usually pays nothing for your efforts. There is actually no way to block those ads but you can setup to show third party ads in Google Adsense settings and other solution would be to use high paying keywords is better of course.

2. Avoid Widget Titles
Its not recommended to add titles like ‘Sponsored Links’ & ‘Advertisements’ at place where you put your Adsense Ad codes. Its like why do you want to tell the visitors that you have Ads been displayed, moreover Google Ads itself displays ‘Ads by Google’ at the end of each ads when displayed on any web-page.

3. Place Ads above the Content
Preferably the best place to place the ads on your blog would be the just below the blog post title and just above the content you post. Now the user would definitely start reading from your blog title and then start with the content, so its possible that he might click on the ads as it is more visible to reader.

4. Using Use URL Channel
URL channel are used to track the performance of entire blog or domain and sub domains that you have. Adsense allows you to create up to 500 URL Channels per Adsense account. By making URL channels you would be able to know which of your domains are generating most revenue for you and how it is daily performance with the details stats like page impressions, eCPM, CTR and total earning.

5. Experiment with Custom Content Channels
Google Adsense allows you to create custom content channel for each ad block that you have and generate reports accordingly. Experiment with custom channels in Adsense and placement is the key to set the right ads placement which practically works for you. Keeping changing the placement until the stats are working for you and one day or the other you will find the right ads codes which are working for you.

6. Ads Beside Blog Title
If your theme allows you to place a 468*60 ad block code on the right side exactly where the blog title appears, try to ad code there and it has same importance as that of your blog title. Some theme automatically has the provision of settings the ads there, you just need to insert the ad codes there.

7. Limit your placements of Ads
Google Adsense allows you to place up to 3 Standard Ad block on any of your webpage, 3 link units and 2 search boxes. Its reported by top blogger’s that when they limit the placement of ads to two or just one on a webpage which is a standout, they are earning more than placing the ads limits set by Google Adsense. You can check out many blogger’s who just have only one or two ads blocks which usually matches with the theme of their blog.

8. Using Perfect Set of Color Palettes
Using a right set of color palettes which can match your blog content is right to make the visitor feel that Ads are content and so user would click on it. Under Google Adsense Setup tab you will find ‘Color Palettes‘. Under that you will find options of settings your blog title color, background color, text color, URL color, border color. Ideally:

  • Border- Border should be matching with the background of your theme and it should be White. Normally its when you set the border to white in Color it shows no border for your ads and its matches with your blog content.
  • Title – Title of the Google Ads should be matching with the text color that you have so it should be appealing to the visitor.
  • Background- Just like the border it should be matching with the content of your body.
  • Text – It should be same as that of Text color that you have on your blog.
  • URL – It can be anything you like but make sure that it doesn’t spoil the look of the ads. So use matching color and I would suggest you to go with Black.

9. Block Specific Ads & Competitor’s Ads
Competitive Ad Filter under the Adsense Setup will allow you to block specific ads such as competitors ads from appearing on your web page. If you find that some of the ads doesn’t give you revenue or you wanted to block your competitor site from been displayed at your blog ads then you can add them to competitive filter which will restrict those ads on your blog, instead it will show some other ads relating to the content on the web page.

10. Keep Experimenting
Last but not least, the best things you can do is keep experimenting on the various aspects of Google Adsense, Ads Placement, Type of Ads & lot more. So its always recommended that you keep testing from one to another from time to time.

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These were few tips to increase your revenue in Adsense. Maybe this tips can also be included in other Pay per Click sites like Chitika, Bidvertiser and Infolinks.

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