Best Google Ads Placement for Classified Sites

Classified Sites are generally those which have the most content generated by users. In most cases the users are trying to sell their services or products to local audience, hence we need to focus on all the different aspects of the website. Users would visit the Homepage followed by the Search Results pages when they start searching for the product they are interested in buying. The maximum traffic is expected on the Listing Pages because these are the landing pages and its important to monetize them to the fullest. Following are the suggestions by the Adsense Help team to increase your Adsense revenue by placing the ads at the right location.
Best Google Ads Placement for Classified Sites
Here are the Best Google Ads Placement for Classified Sites
Classifieds Site – Homepage

  • Place larger ad formats above the fold to attact placement targeting.
  • You can put a maximum of 3 standard AdSense for content ads on your homepage. Depending on your layout, we recommend using a 728×90 leaderboard or a 300×250 medium rectangle ad unit.

Classifieds Site – Listing Page

  • Place a 728×90 leaderboard ad unit within the information list to attract the user’s eye and increase the likelihood of attracting placement targeting.
  • We also suggest putting a 160×600 wide skyscraper ad unit on the right-hand side

Classifieds Site – Search Results Page

  • We recommend placing two search boxes on your page: one on the top and one at the bottom to enable your visitors to perform another search query at the end of the page also.
  • We suggest you show your ads at the top and right-hand side of the search results

Classifieds Site – Content Page

  • Place a 300×250 medium rectangle ad unit on the left-hand side and above the fold, to attract placement targeting. Embedding the ads in the content would be even better.
  • Depending on you site layout and resolution, we suggest you implement either a 728×90 leaderboard or a 468×60 banner below the article to attract the users when they finish reading.
  • A 160×600 wide skyscraper below the side navigation bar is also a good ads location.

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