Apple Learned after I Am Rich iPhone App Scam??

I am rich, the scam application, $999 app, eight people bought it, hot topic over days. Many articles are writing over the scam, Company has removed application but the damage has been already done on company’s image, approval system. This can cost company customer trust that uses apple store.

This is the big question on Apple’s iPhone application approval system. How this happened? What are the reasons? How Apple missed such scam? Is this Apple application approval system? There are many questions borne in many minds.
Apple Learned after I Am Rich iPhone App Scam??
Recently, Apple has made many changes in their app approval terms. They are now checking each app with their usage, functionality and quality of development. They are not accepting simple content based, basic apps which have no meaning, to control app quality and store standard.  Recently my three apps are rejected as they are content based information apps but company doesn’t find them useful :(

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