jQuery Against Flash

On near 1996, Macromedia realsed their product called Macromedia Flash which is vector based animation platform. Using Flash, web designer were now able to make animation using a timeline as video. Only one thing is annoying to enjoy flash stuff is macromedia flash player, that need to install.

When, Javascript is arrive on around 1997, there has been always threat to Flash that on someday JavaScript will take its place as JS have tremendus power and reusablity and animation power as some wel formed Javascript Framework like jQuery, Mootools, Prototype, script.aculo.us among all jQuery has performed well.

Here we are try to compare jQuery against Flash
jQuery Against Flash
jQuery is fastest framwork in javascript simplifies HTML document negotiating, event handling and animating and ajax interation in rapid web development, Furthuremore, jQuery have thousnads of ready plugin and large community support for this project as jQuery deserves heavy compitition with Flash.

Why use jQuery instead of Flash
There are several reasons to do so, we include main and important ones here.

First, in order to build an application with jQuery it is absoluty free(except some paid plugins), but with Flash, need to purchase Adobe Flash Software worth $699, and upgrade costs $199. So jQuery is better here.

Second, The big issue with Flash this days, iPhone, iPad and most of the smarphoes not supports Flash, also most of the mobile browsers also doesnt support iPhone, whereas, jQuery supports screen reader accessiblity, Using http://plugins.jquery.com/project/accDND, we can enable keyboard and screen reader which is an accessible drag & drop functionality plugin for jQuery. jQuery is on upper hand again.

In next comparision, we consider Flash above jQuery,

Although jQuery is above on Flash but not in all areas, Flash supports fully 3D capablities and many object extensive features for object animation and modeling. Also jQuery UI is nothing in comparision of Flash’s UI – That is the main price tag of Flash over jQuery, Also in font display on web pages, Flash supports all fonts, but we can not do same with Javascript, althoug we have now HTML5 and CSS3 but it is matter of currently using tools.

In most, jQuery do better than Flash.

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