How to Make and Submit Google Sitemap

Now days Google Sitemap is very primary thing which need to do for site promotion in google search engine.

This is the fast way to get indexed your site in Google.
Google Sitemap is the special format which tells google the name of URLs, recent modifications on each page of your site.
How to Make and Submit Google Sitemap
This must be done to get Google’s attention. Steps to do so.

Make Google Sitemap
You can choose any ready online tool to do this, there are many online tools available to do this, which generates siteamp.xml, click here to see one of the good online tool to generate sitemap. Now…

Submit Sitemap
There are very easy steps to do this, create a Google Account, Go to Google’s Web Master Tool. Click here

After login in to your Google account, Go to webmaster tool. Verify your site by following instruction on Google webmaster, click on Submit Siteamap enter your sitemap URL e.g.

That’s it. Google is now ready to index your website.

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