How to Learn from Open Source Projects and Frameworks

Many beginners have question, they are new in industry and how to start, open sources which seems bit complex for them to learn, but they can learn basics from that. I have some steps to follow which may help into this.
How to Learn from Open Source Projects and Frameworks
Consider a PHP Programmer wants to learn other Database integration rather than orthodox MySQL, so in that case Programmer can choose Zend framework which supports multi database with various databases at one moment. He can check how Zend works with Oracle(I have worked with this that’s why I wrote this here :) ) or any other database.

If you want to learn anything related to generating charts, then pick projects related to reporting and analyze its source. If you want to learn any PHP based framework, then pick a CMS project which uses that.

So if you find one day in a week to learn anything spent to learn on open sources that will save your time when it is actually needed in your live projects.

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