How to Start with PHP

Here I have describe how to easily start programming with PHP.

First What exactly needed to start,
1) Webserver – Apache
2) MySql
3) PHP
How to Start with PHP
All these you can get from one package called WAMP you can download it from here

Download suitable file and install into your local system, then start wamp server, before starting wamp server make sure you have stop IIS service.

Now open your browser and type “http://localhost” in address bar press enter you wil have root folder in where you can put your PHP script for run.

Now make test script:
Go to your (c: or d: or whatever directory )wamp/www directoty make test folder make one php file called test.php open file in one of editor(notepad if you have none) Write <?php echo “hello, world”;?> and save.

Now to run file go to your browser, type “http://localhost/test/test.php” you will see this o/p hello, world.

That’s it!! You have make your first script in PHP. You can learn more here on

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