How to Make Money from Open Source Especially for PHP Programmers

As open sources are getting popular day by day, many have question how to make money from those. So which open source we can adopt so we can utilize it to make money? You can make money from any open source if you are working in PHP.
How to Make Money from Open Source Especially for PHP Programmers
If anyone wants a shopping cart, there are lots of shopping carts in open source currently in the market. Pick best of that in which you can perform well and quickly and can customize easily with lots of addons available. Make it easy in your way and delivery the things quickly.

Also if someone wants CMS, there are also lots of fully featured CMS in the market now. You can pick best one in which you can theme it comfortably and quickly. As per My personal experience WordPress is the best solution for this you can find in my sites for plugin I have developed for this and some articles in word press as well. So as a result you can make simple CMS in few hours and deliver to the requester. Also one best thing in this is there are lots of themes available in WP, you can pick one of the good one and deliver to requester ;).

Also, there are lots of hungry new comers to whom you can give training regarding the same.
So start workout on open sources and get money!!!

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